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Why should I use Sizey?

We wrote a nifty little answer to that here.

What do I need to calculate an aspect ratio?

1. The desired width or height of something
2. This handy dandy app we made.

How do I calculate an aspect ratio?

Option 1:
Embark into the cold, dark unknown of cross multiplication...

Option 2:
Choose your desired aspect ratio on Sizey. Enter your known height or width. BOOM. Done. ✨

How do I calculate an aspect ratio for a retina display?

Punch that sexy little @2x button in the bottom right corner.

Can I add custom aspect ratios?

Only because we love you. Head on over to ‘Preferences’ and customize your aspect ratios to your heart’s content. Reverse your aspect ratio by selecting _*icon*_ in the bottom right corner.

I don’t have a Mac. Is Sizey available for Windows/PC?

Awe. Don’t cry—we gotchu. Sizey for Windows is “coming soon”! Sign up here to receive an email notification when our Windows app is ready.

“I’m running Ubuntu…”

Really? Tell us why you want Sizey for Ubuntu.

What versions of macOS does Sizey support?

Sizey supports macOS High Sierra and higher.
We still love the rest of you, but c'mon—update your shit. 😘

What if I prefer doing math?

You do you, boo. ❤️

I have a really cool idea to make Sizey better. Who do I tell?

We love ideas and we are constantly trying to make Sizey better. You can send us an idea, tell us about a bug you found, or just say hi to us here  ➡️ ️

Question not answered here?

Send us an email, pretty please—with a cherry on top...

Tell us how we’re doing!

We made this app just for you and we would love your feedback. Tell us how we can improve!  ➡️ ️

You deserve this.

Created by @merittthomas 🌈 and @joubinj 🤓